Our mission is as simple and accommodating as our region: put a welcoming face on the pristine place we call home in the hopes that visitors and wine lovers to our stretch of wine country will feel as passionate about this place as we do.

The idyllic stretch of valley and hills between the villages of Kenwood and Glen Ellen is known as the Heart of the Sonoma Valley. Beyond the hustle, bustle, and commercialism, the Heart of Sonoma Valley remains as it was a century ago: A pastoral destination wine lover's look to for quality and comfort.

Our small region has always been a welcoming locale. Today, the Heart of Sonoma Valley is dotted with intimate cottages and inns, acclaimed bistros, the occasional shop, and the wineries that attract a devoted clientele of travelers and wine lovers.

Here wine country still means rows of vines, farmers, flat bed trucks and midday meals, the Heart of Sonoma Valley is quietly home to some of California's best known, as well as most secluded, vineyards and winemakers.